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Some Words About Some Words

With the final moments ticking away on this first decade of the second millennium (... I know, you purists; the decade doesn't start until 2011. Well, a decade is ten years. You can count your damn decades starting whenever you damn well please...
Since everybody I'm coming across is getting all wound up about the decade ending tonight, I will jump on board. The sane are institutionalized in an insane society...)

Damn. You see, all this decade business steered this ship right off course. To resume, I would like to announce the exciting launch of the Some Words About Some Words feature of this blog.

Basically, Some Words About Some Words will be book reviews. Not for new books necessarily; just for whatever I am reading. And when I say book reviews, I don't mean book reports. I'm assuming if you've read the book you don't need anything more than a refresher about what it's about. This is more for insights or extensions or ass-whooping quotes.

To make this really tick, though, I need YOUR help.
I implore you to post comments or thoughts if you have also read the book. That way we can all contribute to a neo-Enlightenment... a Virtual Renaissance. Minor Mischiefs will then host one of the most vibrant and vivacious virtual book clubs to ever exist on this wide web of the world.

And, a final word to you those of you who contribute to these posts: By contributing you will earn yourself the possibility of making your own post in Some Words About Some Words about a book you have read. That way this project can become more of a circle and less of a line. But let us not get ahead of ourselves...
That is about all for now. Stay tuned for the first SWASW post...

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