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Is there anybody out there?

A nearly new year, a totally new blog.

I wonder with these things, in the wide wide world of the web, if there's anybody out there reading these words. Likely for this first posting, no.

Question: If a blog falls flat in the middle of the Internet, and there's nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound?

It took me a ton of time to come up with a damn name for this blog. It seems like there are scalpers gathering up every conceivable name under the sun, or something like that. So if you want to have your name... let's say it's Cornelious Benedict... you will have to either settle with some absurd handle like 123Cornelious--Ben_e_d_i_c_t2335, OR you'll have to pony up your hard-earned cash to some rat who got to your name before you did.

The beauty of the free market.

Question: If rats ruled the world, would humans be rodents?


  1. You clazay bastidge. You uza my name fo no good. I send virus.

  2. Dear blog-owner.

    If you are interested in upgrading your blog's URL to a more convenient 1- or 2-letter name, please contact me. Our rates are reasonable and we are willing to negotiate.


    L. Francis Toumek

  3. Wahoo! Welcome to the land of the totally mysterious, self centred, absorbed, way to stay sane! If one person reads this and has a better day...."you" have succeeded in this "your" blog. If two people read this and have a better day, you are a superstar. If three people read this and have better days, then you are damn famous! Have fun!

  4. Hey "you dazay bastidge", I'm wondering why you went anyonimous... Scared, maybe?

  5. I am out there. Please nod if you can hear me.