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On Anxiety

Anxiety is Fear's shadow.

You almost always have the opportunity to see Fear's face if only you're willing to follow it around a corner, into a dark alley.

Usually, though, we freak out, cower, then kick ourselves for having freaked out and cowering.

And meanwhile, Fear is left unmolested, unseen, and free to linger, to roam, and to pounce the next time you cross its path. You may again see its shadow, but its face will be unfamiliar if you didn't chase it down the alley when it scurried off the last time.

It's fast; but when you run, you're faster.


  1. I need this today...whoa...your words pack an undeniable punch. thank "you!"

  2. You can run, but you cannot hide. So, what I do is simply punch fear in the face. If you can see it's face that is, and if the face is not too hideous - otherwise it will scare you and you will run. You can run, but you cannot hide. Deja vu wuz heer

  3. I'm commenting on your profile page not this post. Well done on the interests of time travel and Back to the Future, especially #2. There is much to be analyzed about those movies so I cannot wait for a post on them. Maybe an additional post on the greatest trilogy of all time.